Wonderful 2015 BMW 1 Series Review and Comparison with BMW X1

Bavarian Motor Works or BMW is one of Germany manufacturer of motorcycle, automobile, and engine. This company was established since 1916 and it is known as a manufacturer of luxury cars that have high performance. All cars manufactured by BMW are luxury cars and all of them have awesome performance, including BMW’s new cars, BMW 1 Series with three doors and five doors also BMW X1 2015. We’d like to show you our 2015 BMW 1 Series review of the three doors and five doors. Scroll down to see the complete review and differences between the three doors and five doors also BMW X1.

Our first 2015 BMW 1 Series review is about BMW 1 Series types. BMW 1 Series that are designed with three doors are available in two types. The first type is BMW 1 18i with three doors and the second one is BMW 1 16i with three doors. BMW 1 Series that are designed with five doors are also available in two types: BMW 1 18i and BMW 1 16i. The new BMW 1 Series is BMW X1 2015 also has five doors. The exterior designs of all BMW 1 Series types are similar. All of those BMW 1 Series cars have focused and flat headlights. You’ll get LED headlights in your BMW 1 Series if you want to.

The rear of all BMW 1 Series cars, both the three doors and five doors, are equipped with big wheel housings. There are LED lamps for the rear lights. L shaped LED lamps for the rear lights have cool performance and appearance that maximizes the work of all cars of BMW 1 Series. Now, let us show you the 2015 BMW 1 Series review about their LED lights. For the rear lights, L shaped LED lamps are available. There are also LED front head lights and LED fog lights that are optional.

LED front head lights are safe option that is able to provide safety and also optimal illumination when the car is running on the road. The LED front lamps on BMW 1 Series are providing eight high powers that offering high beam and low beam functions. The fog lights of BMW 1 Series, that are also equipped with LED technology, help the driver to see what’s in front of his car when he is driving on smoky road. Besides, the fog lamps will also improve the driver’s ability to drive the car safely in the night. Check the2015 BMW 1 Series review about its interior design below.


BMW tried to add something modern and fresh inside the new BMW 1 Series 2015, both the three doors and five doors. There are various chrome accents inside the BMW 1 Series. The luggage inside the BMW 1 Series cars is able to accommodate up to three hundred and sixty liters stuffs like backpack, shopping bags, and even large suitcase. Driver and passengers are allowed to store small stuffs like cameras and sunglasses in doors and centre console. Keep reading for more 2015 BMW 1 Series review especially about the review of BMW X1 2015.

Beautiful and Youthful BMW X1 2015 for Young People

There are some types of BMW X1 2015, but all of them have standard equipments. We’re going to show the 2015 BMW 1 Series review about its standard equipments. Through the standard equipments, you’ll be able to see if BMW X1 2015 is the right choice for you or not. This BMW X1 2015 car is designed with six speed manual transmission. This car is a safe car for family since it has airbags for driver, front passenger, and rear passengers. Crash sensor is also added to BMW X1 car that warns the driver of hazards.

BMW X1 2015 car is also equipped with heated exterior side mirrors that allow the driver to drives the car in winter without worrying the freeze. The side mirrors will not be freezing even though BMW X1 car is driven in the middle of snow or very cold weather. This BMW X1 car is also completed with security check on the seat belt of the front passenger and the driver. This gives more safety for both front passenger and driver. According to the 2015 BMW 1 Series review of BMW X1 2015, seems like this BMW X1 is a safe car for families.


BMW X1 2015 with its amazing design will be yours if you’re able to exchange it with thirty three thousand dollars to forty one thousand dollars. The exterior color of BMW X1 is available in two options: alpine white and jet black. But there are eleven optional exterior colors you’re free to choose. But if you’re interested to purchase a BMW X1 2015 with a special color, you’re required to prepare five hundred and fifty dollars, that’s the price of special exterior color of BMW X1. Below is the 2015 BMW 1 Series review about additional package that’s provided by BMW for the buyers of BMW X1 2015.

Buyers who want to maximize the performance of their BMW X1 are allowed to buy some packages provided by BMW. There is lighting package that gives the buyers adaptive light-control and xenon headlights; there is also package of cold weather that’s including steering wheel that can be heated, front seats that also can be heater, and headlight washers; a package of driver assistance is also available (this package is including controller of park distance and rear camera); besides there is also technology package and premium package offered by BMW. That’s all 2015 BMW 1 Series review about BMW X1 optional package available.

BMW X1 2015 looks so cool with power moon roof. If the BMW X1 2015 you want doesn’t have moon roof, you’ll be able to add it since separated moon roof is available; its price is just about a thousand and three hundred dollars. There are eight speakers available inside every BMW X1 car, but you can upgrade your BMW X1 interior with up to eleven speakers but you’re definitely required to pay more. Some types of BMW X1 are equipped with all wheel drive while another one is designed with rear wheel drive. Read the 2015 BMW 1 Series review about BMW X1 2015 better drive type so that you’ll be able to choose the right one for you and your family.

Hope our 2015 BMW 1 Series review above about BMW X1 2015 can help you comparing BMW X1 with another BMW 1 Series or with the other similar cars from other manufacturers. Make sure you use the review above to see if BMW cars are the best cars that are able to keep your family safe during your trip.

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