2015 Tesla Model S 85 Review about Its Pros and Special Features

Hundreds manufacturers of car and vehicles around the world are trying to produce high quality vehicles for people who need to buy a new car for their family. One of those hundreds manufacturers is Tesla. Tesla produces numerous cars including the Tesla Model S 85. This car is a luxurious sedan that’s manufactured in 2015. This sedan has four doors, one besides the passenger and the other three are besides the passengers’ seats. Inside this sedan, there are seats that are able to accommodate up to five people, including the driver. To gain more information and details about Tesla Model S 85, read our 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review below.

2015 Model S 85 sedan from Tesla is designed with one speed automatic transmission, it makes this sedan becomes an easy car to drive by men and women. The driving system or driving type of this car is rear wheel drive and this sedan has electric fuel type. The height of this sedan is about a thousand and four hundreds millimeters. Its length is about five thousands millimeters and its width is about two thousands millimeters. Not a big sized sedan but an ideal sedan. Scroll down for more 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review.

Our next 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review is about the standard features we can find in this car. To keep the driver and the entire passengers feel the comfort during their long distance trips, this sedan from Tesla is completed with auto climate control. Besides, there are two heated front seats to make the driver and front passenger feel more comfortable. To ease the driver drives this sedan, Tesla equips its Model S 85 with electronic stability system and also electronic brake force distribution for easier handling and control. To keep the family in this sedan safe, Tesla adds a package of dual airbag, head airbags, and also anti lock braking.

Tesla also offers some additional features for its 2015 Model S 85. If the buyers want more comfort in their Tesla Model S 85 2015, they are allowed to purchase sport seats and add those seats inside the car. Besides, there is also sunroof option that allows the whole passengers and the driver enjoys the fresh air and the brightness of sunlight over their head. And if the driver wants more simplicity in driving this sedan, he can purchase and install air suspension for easier handling. Read more 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review about its special features below.

For the driver, there is also additional parking distance control feature available. Since this feature is optional, you’re free to buy this to complete your Tesla Model S 85 sedan or not. And people who desire entertainments inside their car can purchase additional sound system for Tesla Model S 85 2015 with twelve speakers. Additional fog front lights, metallic paint, and special metallic paint are all available to make the exterior of Tesla Model S 85 sedan looks more attractive and amazing. For the interior, there is optional leather upholstery provided by Tesla. 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review above is not enough to help you deciding that Tesla Model S 85 is a nice sedan for your family.

Pros and Cons for 2015 Tesla Model S 85 Sedan

We’re now going to share a 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review, especially about its pros and cons. Tesla Model S 85 has some pros, for example it allows the owner not to queue in a gasoline station anymore since Tesla Model S 85 is an electric car that’s powered with battery. The battery range of this Tesla Model S 85 is about two hundred and sixty five miles. Many owners of Tesla Model S 85 are able to charge their car comfortably at their own home.

The supercharger stations allow you to charge your Tesla Model S 85 for free. When you’re charging your Tesla Model S 85 sedan for thirty minutes, your car gets energy you can use to drive your Tesla sedan for two hundred miles. Even, you’ll be able to drive your Tesla Model S 85 electric car across United States by exploiting the sunshine power. Besides the 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review about its fuel, Tesla Model S 85 sedan has another pro: the maintenance issues.

Tesla Model S 85 sedan 2015 is electric car, you don’t need to change the oil, the filers, or check the smog. Even though there are no maintenance issues for the owners of Tesla Model S 85 electric sedan, Tesla makes annual checkup option for the owners of Tesla Model S 85 electric sedan. Besides, Tesla provides eight year warranty. This warranty makes the owners of Tesla Model S 85 car don’t need to worry about battery of their electric car. Below is another 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review about the pricing and features of the new electric sedan.

Here is another 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review about the price and additional features of Tesla Model S 85 electric car. The standard price of Tesla Model S 85 is sixty seven thousand and five hundred dollars including gas savings and incentives. If the buyers want to get features of autopilot convenience, they must pay two thousand and five hundred dollars.

Buyers of Tesla Model S 85 sedan that are interested to get premium interior design also premium interior and exterior lighting are required to prepare another three thousand dollars. With three thousand dollars, the buyers will earn accent lighting for their interior, cornering lighting and fog lighting, door handles that are completed with lights. Besides, there is the last 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review about Model S special feature below.

There is a special optional feature available to complete the new Tesla Model S 85 electric sedan: the additional rear facing seats. This optional feature allows the driver to carry two other kids and place them behind the rear seats. The additional seats allow the driver to bring six passengers (two kids on the rear facing seats). When the rear facing seats aren’t used, the driver can fold the seats completely flat to the floor. After reading this 2015 Tesla Model S 85 review, you can discuss this unique electric car with your family in order to see if this electric car is the right choice for your family or if you need to find another sedan.

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