Go Travelling with Your Family with 2015 Honda CR-V Series II Review

The 2015 Honda CR-V series II review has been on the internet on many levels and scales. They review the Honda CR-V series in such large scales and tests to prove the claimed information announced by the firm, Honda. The tests are already performed since few months ago at the first time this car is already on the market. It goes in many scales. It can be the safety, the performance, the interior, the exterior and many more. Also, they compare it with the other competitors which are on the same roof.

2015 Honda CR-V series II Review Interior Exterior

This newest version of the Honda CR-V is not such a new changing of the mid-size SUV series of Honda. It is just a part of the big thing of the SUV series. This is just one part of all unity. This part is very good and great with the very beautiful VTi-L petrol of the four-wheel drive which will be flattered by the additional Modulo sport as the body kit. That part will be such a big part of all the unity of the 2015 Honda CR-V series II review.

Such 2015 Honda CR-V series II review has said that this car will be available in such many varieties. But the standard one surely can be the biggest one. The very first type is the standard one. It is equipped with the 4WD VTi-L petrol. This very base model will be in the market on $42.290. this is not only equipped with the very basic engine but also complete basic features, like the sunroof, reverse-view camera, LED for the cornering lights, HID for the headlights, parking censor for front and rear side and many more.

This Modulo kit will be available if the standard type is upgraded. If it is done, there will be such a good additional lights for the daytime in LED types. Also, for the addition, there will be some great features for this modulo body kit, from the 2015 Honda CR-V series II review. There will be the front bumper, rear bumper and a great grille. The additional look for the wheel will be also reworked. There will be the additional 19 inch wheels for the rims. Actually the standard type is not on that wheel in size, but it is already packaged with the Modulo body kit.

The comfort area is also the biggest attention to be 2015 Honda CR-V series II review. This car gets such a good result on the seating reviews. The bench is broadened so then the child or the adults can seat as comfortable as possible. For the additional comfort, there is a good and decent are for the legroom and headroom. The ISOFIX features will support the idea of the very comfortable rear seat. Also, there will be the top-points features as the additional features. It is great, very great for the comforting area and for the seating relax and enjoyably.

The very enormous features are about the entertainment system packaged. The reverse-view camera will be combined with the 7.0 inch touchscreen interface. So then, it will be such very helpful items to be used. The camera has three modes or functions. It will be the top-down, normal reverse-view, and 180-degreee view. Also for some models, there will be Lane Watch system which is functioned to be used as the blind-spot camera for the side. That is very good which the 2015 Honda CR-V series II review informed.

2015 Honda CR-V Series II Review Engine

The features are already changed on this new Honda CR-V car. Those changes are on the interior and exterior which are all done with very amazing works. But, such great changes will be not available on the newest version. It will still use the old version in the engine and powertrains side. The all 4WD styles as the characters of this 2015 Honda CR-V series II review will remain. Also, the additional 2.4 liter on four-cylinder is a good combination of such a great engine. As the result, there will be 222Nm as the highest point of 4400 rpm and 140kW at the highest point of 7000rpm.

Some lacks are already there as what the 2015 Honda CR-V series II review said. The acceleration is not going well because it gets very sensitive throttle but you do more hard work. You will be able to get the best result by more pushing it. Also, when it is stuck on such traffic lights on the rush hour, this car is having trouble with the engine on the low-rev torque mode. It is because the engine of this car will only do its best work and will give the very best result if it is on the high level of the rev range.


But, if there are some lacks and minus when driving this new 2015 Honda CR-V series II review, there will always be the good ones, the advantageous ones. This car is very optimal in the fuel economy. It is claimed that this car will only use 8.7 liter when it is driven on the 100 km. it used with the 2.4 liter engine. That is very good information to know about. If it is truly happened then this car will just be the next favorite cars of all those people. The engine will adjust, but the fuel will maximize.

The other best thing is also the best transmission equipped with this car. The 2015 Honda CR-V series II review is the one that is already tested it. The transmission is on the five-speed in the automatic model of the transmission. That is a best choice for the modern car nowadays. And also, that transmission is working very well with the engine provided. But the thing is that this car will sometimes get such a bad condition where the wrong gear sometimes happened. It is because the transmission is not on the gearbox model.

The information carried by the 2015 Honda CR-V series II review is very useful to know. Everything about the Honda CR-V car information is already available there. Some ways this car is not provided in such good arrangement, but for the family-friendly SUV, this car can be highly considered. So then, just stick on to how your family will go on.

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